All training is done by the Heather Achen. She uses a soft trusting approach to guiding your horse through problems which gets a more permanent result. With a heavy dressage background, even exercise rides keep your horse fine tuned. Training board is offered in two packages. Maintenance OR Progressive.



Our lessons are taught on quality show horses. No more dealing with sour lesson horses. Every lesson is taught by the owner/trainer Heather Achen. Lessons are kept small and only with matched levels of riders and horses. Get what you pay for and stop riding in circles. Lessons are taught in 10-week sessions.

Please call for pricing and sign-up.

Recently we have started to expand our adult program. Growing from the local shows and moving on to the rated shows, we have several adults climbing the ladder and achieving personal goals. Too often, adults are expected to do more because they are adults. At Northern Light, adults can ride in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. Come ride and learn competitively with out being pushed beyond your comfort zone.



Reach new heights by setting your goals. Each year our riders set goals. Whether it be on your own horse or one you’re riding in lessons, there is always something to be accomplished. We have qualified for Zone finals, Medal Finals, and MHSA year-end awards, as well as many other local and USEF year-end awards.

At NLF it is not always about the ribbons. Riders are encouraged to learn technique and making good decisions. Our program encourages independent growth as well as social skills used in life.

Local and Rated shows offered each month.




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